G. Rodges & Associates, Inc.
Our Clients


Our Clients

  1. List Of Companies G.Rodges & Associates Inc. Has Worked With:

    1. Union Oil Company Of California (San Luis Obispo,Ca)
    2. Texaco Usa (Bakersfield, Ca)
    3. Transamerica Mineral Company (Los Angeles)
    4. Chevron Usa (Bakersfield, Ca)
    5. Breitburn Energy
    6. E&B Natural Resources (Bakersfield)
    7. Foothill Energy LLC (Houston, Tx)
    8. Santa Maria Pacific LLC (Santa Maria, Ca.)
    9. Chicago Title Companies (Santa Barbara, Kern & Los Angeles Counties)

    List Of Law Firms and Attorney’s G.Rodges & Associates Inc. Has Worked With:

    1. The Strong Firm Attorneys (Woodlands,Tx)
    2. Curt Edmondson, Attorney at Law (Clairmont, Ca),
    3. Thompson & Knight (Dallas, Tx)
    4. Rod C. Reynolds, Attorney At Law (Camarillo, Ca)
    5. Timothy J. Lewy, Attorney At Law (Bakersfield, Ca)
    6. Richard P. Weldon, Attorney At Law (Santa Maria, Ca)
    7. Law Firm Of Welebir & Mccune (Redlands, Ca)

    Annual Sponserships:

    • "Eagle Sponser" For Golf Tournament/Homeless Center
    • Pacific Christian School Fundraiser Campaign $4000
    • St. Joseph’s Fundraiser Campaign $300